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Great Reasons For a St George Island Getaway

Great Reasons For a St George Island Getaway

St. George Island is one of the few idyllic places in Florida where you can let time slip by and have your senses surrounded by the best beach sights, warm waters, tranquil atmosphere, and delicious seafood. Several reasons point out why this barrier island is a wonderful place for vacation or place of celebration:


St. George Island is an affordable vacation destination for your family or group of friends. There are many St. George Island Rentals to choose from depending on the number of people in the group. Two or more families can occupy a rental with several rooms and bathrooms. Each one has privacy but can still bond with other people anytime of the day since everyone lives in a common home. The availability of a kitchen helps your group save on some food expenses and having several bathrooms in the home means less pressure on time spent on bathroom use.

Fantastic Venue for Occasions

The amazing beaches are an ideal backdrop for a romantic destination wedding. Couples can get married right there on the shores in an intimate ceremony. Some St. George Island rentals also allow weddings and receptions on the property. Many properties have pools and well-tended lawns. With a nice wedding theme and attractive decorations, the property can be transformed into one spectacular venue. Besides weddings, St. George Island rentals are ideal for occasions such as birthday parties and wedding showers. Grills are also provided in most rentals for an afternoon or dinner get-together. Businessmen can make this place the venue for business talks or negotiations and have the chance to spend an extra day or two on a beach holiday.

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Discovering St. George Island State Park

With 9 miles of undeveloped beach, exquisite dunes and forests teeming with different kinds of wildlife, the State Park is certainly one of the main tourist destinations in this part of Franklin County. Having a picnic with the family in this park is a fantastic time to spend an afternoon. For both nature and fitness enthusiasts, St. George Island State Park has a trail for hiking and biking. The park is also a great spot for swimming, sunbathing and kayaking.

Fun Beach Activities

The beach is ideal for active people who constantly want to try different activities while on vacation. St George Island offers many opportunities for dynamic fun such as beach volleyball, beach frisbee, kayaking, canoeing, jogging, water skiing and jet skiing.

Food Feast

Having a beach vacation is not an excuse to go on a diet. It is simply a must for every visitor to have a taste of the succulent seafood especially the Apalachicola oysters, shrimps, fish and scallops which, thanks to concierge facilities can be cooked according to your preference right at your St. George Island rental. Talk about a whole new level of pampering and convenience! Excellent desserts are also available at Aunt Ebby’s Ice Cream and Old Time Soda Fountain in Apalachicola. Schedule some time off work and have a vacation! Make that reservation and get ready for a trip of a lifetime that will surely take your breath away!