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North Carolina – A Place Of Enticing Beauty And Diversity

North Carolina – A Place Of Enticing Beauty And Diversity

North Carolina has enough diversity to make your vacation memorable. The state offers ocean coast activities, mountains and numerous towns laden with attractions. Finding the ideal place to stay will allow you to get the most out of your vacation.

North Carolina or NC offers an amazing diversity of environments and activities to give travelers what they are looking for in a vacation. Located along the Atlantic coastline in the United States, the state combines a beautiful ocean coast line, rolling hills and valleys, and beautiful mountains. Whether you want to have a satisfying beach vacation, an exciting tour of snow-capped mountains or a tryst with history, North Carolina can provide it.

North Carolina is a quintessential US state with three distinct regions – mountains, rolling farmlands and coastal plains. Travelers can enjoy exciting activities in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains including hiking, skiing and mountain climbing along with a taste of Appalachian music and culture. North Carolina towns each have a flavor of their own for visitors. Visit Charlotte for skyscrapers, Raleigh for museums and Durham for a plethora of recreational activities. For kite-surfing, fishing, sun and sand, head for islands in the Outer Banks and the beach-side city of Wilmington.

Blue Ridge and Smoky mountains are known for their long, parallel ridges, separated by deep valleys. Sliced by bubbling streams, lush meadows and blazing sunsets, these mountains are a trove of natural beauty. The natural beauty of the mountains is complimented by man-made attractions including the adventurous playgrounds, museums and gardens. These mountains host some popular ski resorts. You can also take it easy and stroll on the nature trails and soak in the sheer beauty of these mountains.

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The rolling farmlands of the Piedmont make up for a third of Carolina. Long ridges, snaking rivers and large lakes characterize the area which includes the urban centers of Charlotte, Raleigh and Durham. Charlotte, deemed as the Queen City of the province, is interspersed with towering buildings, fun centers and chic restaurants. Raleigh hosts a spectrum of museums, galleries, gardens, parks and historic sites. Durham is visited by millions of tourists every year to enjoy a wealth of things such as entertainment centers, events, golf, history, science places and sports.

If you are fond of sun and sand, you should head for the Outer Banks, which are a string of barrier islands off Carolina coast. The region has some of the largest stretches of protected beach in the United States. These islands are the number one surfing area on the East Coast of the US, easy enough for the uninitiated and interesting enough for experienced surfers. There is a range of fishing piers up and down the coast and deep sea fishing is also an option. You will find several lighthouses in the region, many of which are impressive.

For getting the best out of your vacations in North Carolina, a great choice is to take advantage of North Carolina vacation rentals which offer enough variety to perfectly suit your requirements. Your choice should be close to the places you plan to visit, spacious enough to be comfortable, and provide the amenities to ensure your relaxation. There is a huge variety of vacation homes throughout the regions of NC which you can rent as an important part of a memorable North Carolina vacation.

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