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How to Choose Vacation Rentals in Lihue

How to Choose Vacation Rentals in Lihue

Lihue is the business and transportation center of Kauai and has grown a lot from the sugar town of the past. Today, it is Kauai’s first port of call and is a hub of movement and traffic. But, the beauty of Lihue is that in spite of the movement and the modern conveniences, it is still a place of stunning beauty. One of the biggest factors that contribute to this is the population. There are only 4000 people living on the island and the place is small enough to preserve its quaint look.

The biggest attraction of Lihue is its proximity to a number of wonderful beaches and shopping centers. Visitors can sunbathe while they are not dipping in the aquamarine beaches. The Kalapaki beach is perhaps the best beach on the east coast, particularly for kids as it is protected both naturally (by the jertty) and by humans (patrol guards). So, children can safely learn water sports in these waters. Another big attraction is the Wailua Falls which drops a mighty 80 feet to form a cascade that can take your breath away.

Tourists who come to Lihue can enjoy various activities like biking, hiking, boating and fishing. Adventure activities like kayaking and rafting are also popular. Lihue also has two excellent Jack Nicklaus golf courses.

Since Lihue is a hub for tourists, it is only natural that this gem of a place has all sorts of vacation rentals, from the most basic Bed and Breakfast inns to the exclusive and expensive Kauai Marriott, and everything in between. You can find bungalows, cabins and cottages here. Vacation rentals are available and quite popular too.

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However, if you would like to enjoy a different kind of vacation experience, you should opt for one of the popular Kapaa condos or Wailua cottages in the East Shore. There is no dearth of seaside cottages and if you have dreamt of sleeping to the music of the waves, here is your chance.

Some of the most popular vacation rentals in Kauai are located in such a way that these places are easily accessible to the popular tourist destinations of the area. Most of these vacation rentals offer a variety of tourist activities that will keep tourists entertained and busy.

In order to avail of the best vacation rentals in Lihue, it is important to make bookings in advance. Since the island is tiny, vacation rentals in Lihue tend to fill up quickly, in which case, you will not get a rental of your choice and will have to settle for a compromise. But why make a compromise when you can get the best? Enjoy the beauty and serenity of Lihue. You’ll not feel like leaving the island.