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Orange Beach Alabama and All Its Southern Charm

Orange Beach Alabama and All Its Southern Charm

Orange Beach Alabama is a beautiful southern city that offers many vacation opportunities, including many family centered ones. Everything you need for the perfect vacation is provided in this city, from great vacation rentals to absolutely beautiful homes to own. Besides all that, the locals of this fair city are all friendly and accommodating, while showering with true southern charm. These folks have a way of making you feel at home and secure.

Once you step into Orange Beach you will definitely find it hard to decide which activity you want to do first. There are so many things that will draw your attention and each one is even more worthwhile and satisfying than the one before.

So let’s talk a little about the options available for your wonderful trip.

Hotels and Condos – your vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama will be imperfect if you don’t have a safe and comfortable place to stay. But, this is not a problem when you vacation in Orange Beach because this city provides so many accommodations for all the guests like multitudes of hotels and condos. For example, the Holiday Inn Express, The Island House Hotel, Perdido Beach Resort, and Phoenix Condominiums are some of the best accommodations in the city.

Tourist Attractions – aside from the beaches, Orange Beach has many great places for visitors. There is always a tourist attraction for you in Orange Beach, Alabama. Some of the interesting places that can make your day enjoyable are Banana Wind Yacht Charters, Sailing Cruises & Dolphin, Spas of Eden, Adventure Island, and a lot more. You will find each attraction has a place that is more special that the next.

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The Restaurants and Nightlife – you can also enjoy your vacation by trying some of the delectable foods in the many restaurants or even enjoying one the nightlife venues. Cosmo’s Restaurant & Bar, Geno’s Fresh Catch, Grill, and Janna’s Market are some of the favorites restaurants of both locals and tourists. Spend your night at the Jellyfish Bar, Live Bait & Live Bait Too, or VIP Night Life and you will go home with a smile on your face!

Enjoy your vacation! Orange Beach Alabama is a lovely place to consider if you are looking for an exciting southern adventure.