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Privately Owned Vacation Rental Perks

Privately Owned Vacation Rental Perks

When its time to get away from it all and you need a break at a beach, in the mountains, or at a lake, you need to make sure that you rent the best equipped place possible. The best type of vacation rentals to rent for your relaxing time away from reality are rentals from privately owned properties. There are many reasons to rent privately.

First, the chance of being awakened by your neighbors next to you or your neighbors above you are slim to none. So you want to take a nap at 4 O’clock in the afternoon in your cozy bed after a day of sunning at the beach? No problem! No screaming kids or loud teenagers blaring their music will be close enough to interrupt you if you rent a privately owned vacation home. The towels may not be folded into the shape of a duck, but they will smell like your mother’s fresh laundry. The house may be adorned with photos of the family that owns the home, but this is a much better option than staring at loud, annoying 3-D people wondering the halls of a motel.

Another reason people rent privately is because the price is negotiable. There is no standard “rate” in the industry that “fluctuates” due to inflation or the housing market or anything of the like. It is a price that is determined by the home owner and offered to you. If you feel this price is too steep, private vacation home owners are typically much more willing to negotiate a better price. Also, many times you will get much more value for what you are spending. You can rent a room for a week at the Day’s Inn for about $1,000 for a one bedroom room. At a privately owned beach house, you may be spending $1000 for a week long vacation right on the beach. The reason for this is because privately owned beach homes are often used by the families that own them during the summertime, so in the off-season, they are not so much concerned about making a profit rather then just paying the bills while they are not there. However management companies that own vacation rentals are constantly concerned with churning out a profit.

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Lastly, privately owned vacation rental homes are much more unique that cookie cutter condos. They give the occupant a much more unique experience. They allow the occupant to be one with the community, as opposed to a tourist.

Therefore, not only will you avoid the annoyance of little kids and drunk teenagers spoiling your week of relaxation, you may also be getting this week of relaxation in a luxurious, lived-in, homey feeling place. The experience that you will get in a privately owned home is unmatchable to the common experiences within a hotel, motel, or company owned condo. These are the three main reasons why people typically will choose to stay in a privately owned vacation rental spot.