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How to Spend Your Family Vacation

How to Spend Your Family Vacation

Are you planning to take your family to New York? You could have not picked a better place. This beautiful city has many things to offer. It is full of activities, providing fun and excitement for both parents and children. You will see different attractions like famous museums, theatres, skyscrapers and parks. It is a thriving lively place along with fascinating culture and history. The good news is you can now look for affordable weekly vacation rentals in New York City instead of spending a fortune on luxury hotels.

What to do in New York:

– Walk tour with your kids

You can start your vacation by educating your kids. Walk around the city and let them see the beauty of the Big Apple. Visiting the famous Statue of Liberty is a good start. You may also book a guided tour for your family to be more familiar around the city. These guides can take you to many popular and historical land marks in the city. They can even take you to the best spots where you can enjoy the view of the famous Statue of Liberty.

– Take them to Central Park

Central Park is one of the most popular parks in the world. It was the very first landscaped public park in the country. The park opened in 1857 on 843 acres of city-owned land. Today, you can see breathtaking views like flower gardens, green meadows, and well-designed structures. You can even see performance centers and educational facilities. During winter months, people gather here to go ice skating at Wollman or Lasker Rink. Your kids will definitely love this place.

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– Visit the Wildlife Conservation Society

There are two main zoos in New York City: Central Park Zoo and Tisch children’s zoo. The Central Park Zoo displays over 1,500 animals of over 130 species, from giant Polar Bears to little Leaf Cutter Ants. The Children’s zoo is an ideal location to educate your kids about wildlife in an entertaining and exciting setting. It features a small petting zoo as well.

– Have a glimpse of their museums

New York City is also home to world class museums. You can take your family to the American Museum of Natural History or to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. The American Museum of Natural history is one of the world’s leading scientific and cultural institutions. On the other hand, the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers special programs for families. Here, you can have good quality time with your family.

You can also explore the Sony Wonder Technology Lab with your kids. This is an interactive facility, which also holds special programs for kids.

If you are considering taking your kids to these spots, it is advisable to choose the best place to stay. New York City is such a big place and you will need more than a few days to explore it. Plan ahead of time and make sure the place your staying provides excellent customer service and world class facilities.

Apart from hotel rooms, you may also check out some of the best penthouse suites in New York. This is the best getaway adventure you can give your family.

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