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Renting Orlando Vacation Homes

Renting Orlando Vacation Homes

When you decide to vacation in Orlando the options of where you want to stay is limitless. Being one of the premier tourist attractions in the US, Orlando, means that there are tourist accommodations on every block. The best part is that every budget can be accommodated as well. There are low budget hotel all the way to the high budget luxury ones. But there are a lot of ways to lose money on what seems like a good value at the time but turns out quite the opposite. Renting an Orlando vacation home may be just what you are looking for.

These homes will certainly not be quite as fancy and luxurious as a neighboring five star resort but luxury and budget can go hand in hand with a vacation home. You will be treated to all the standard amenities of any hotel like TVs, game consoles, towels, linens, anything to make you comfortable while you stay. But because these are residential homes used mostly for rentals then there will be beds, functioning kitchens, and even air conditioning is often offered as an option. All of this means that you can be comfortable and relax for your vacation but still enjoy some of the nicer things about being at home, like a home cooked meal.

Many people expect that these homes will be very far away from all the tourist attractions, though that is a bit misleading. Some of the homes are located away from the heart of Orlando and are toward the edge of town, which is likely why they are so affordable. But there are also homes located almost right next door to the major attractions like Sea World or Universal Studios. Those will be a bit more expensive but the lesser cost of traveling back and forth might be worth it.

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Of course the question that most people have to ask themselves is, are these homes a good value compared to staying at a hotel? One of the ways that vacation homes are cheaper than a hotel is that they only come with standard amenities. Anything else that you need can be rented for a nominal cost but you will not be using anything you do not need. At a hotel you are paying more for amenities that you may never want or need to use. You can also save my having one house rented for the entire family instead of needing a few hotel rooms. And if you are staying for a few weeks then these homes have weekly rates available that will be much cheaper than the daily rates for a hotel. Orlando vacation homes are definitely a good value for the money you pay for it.