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Month: October 2021

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Sanibel Island Vacation Rentals

Sanibel Island Vacation Rentals

For a “real” island vacation, complete with rolling tides, plenty of fresh seafood and seashells to relish and no glimpse of an amusement park ride in sight, travel to Florida’s Gulf Coast and spend some time on Sanibel Island. To start, find yourself and your family a great rental home, cottage or condo to drop your bags and spend some quality downtime. Sanibel Island vacation rentals come in many styles and sizes. Choose from a cozy beachfront cottage, a high end condo overlooking the Gulf, or a luxurious home complete with every amenity you could need or want. All rentals will include a laidback, seaside village look and feel, and you will always find your rental to be fully furnished, with a complete kitchen and linen service. After that, the choice of amenities becomes the fun part of choosing your rental home. Private pools, wireless internet, hot tubs, designer decor and gourmet kitchens, maid service, and of course, a most spectacular view are all options you have when renting a Sanibel Island vacation home.

Sanibel Island is highly respected as a wildlife refuge, with over 60 percent of the land protected as wildlife preserves. The island offers up some of the best shelling you will find anywhere, along with plenty of great fishing. Cast a line and you may catch tarpon, red fish, or sea trout. The gorgeous waters of the Gulf of Mexico provide opportunity for really just about any water sport you want to take part in. If you get a little water-logged, there’s always golf. Learn about the natural beauty and ecological significance of this barrier island at the J.N. “Ding” darling National Wildlife Refuge or the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation Center. If you’re into history, check out the 120 year old Sanibel Lighthouse, still in working condition today. No matter what you favor in a beach vacation, Sanibel Island can provide it. Plus, with a vacation rental condo, home or cottage, you will never be far from the action and activities, yet you will have a quiet, spacious respite to which to return at the end of the day. Or maybe you just want to spend the day at your Sanibel Island vacation rental home on a hammock. It’s your vacation, and that’s a perfectly legal choice. While the area will get crowded during the busy season, it makes for adventure and possibly some new friendships. Look to this site to book your accommodations early, so you can make the most out of both the lively atmosphere and laidback serenity of this barrier island. This is Sanibel Island.…

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Hot Air Balloon Rides in Orlando

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Orlando

If you think you have already seen a lot of the usual tourist attractions and are looking for a new adventure and for something to tell your friends back home about, then you should take a hot air balloon ride over the skies of Orlando.

You can enjoy a panoramic view of the lakes, wildlife and skylines of Central Florida’s cities and attractions in a balloon that reaches a height of 1000 feet. The balloons are huge, 90,000 and 120,000 cubic feet in volume and over seven stories tall, and riding in a basket with four to six other passengers you will be able to get a thrilling view of Disney, Epcot, Kissimmee, and Orlando skylines as well as the many lakes in the area.

Flights are offered on a daily basis and generally begin at dawn to avoid mid-day thermals. In the winter late afternoon flights are sometimes launched. Weather permitting you can get a balloon ride 365 days a year.

This adventurous outing takes about three hours. You will be driven to a launch site (picked according to weather conditions) and will watch as the balloon is set up and filled with air. The flying time is about one hour and then following the flight many operators offer a champagne brunch. After the brunch the balloon is packed into a vehicle and everyone returns to the starting location.

The balloon does not go high enough to make a big difference in temperature, so you can dress as you would on the ground according to the season you travel in. However, skirts may not be suitable for some of the landing spots. Sneakers, comfortable flat shoes, or hiking boots are the preferred footwear. You can bring cameras, camcorders, sun glasses, and a hat if you wish.

While you are up in the sky there is a chase crew following the flight below. The chase crew is in radio and cell phone contact with the pilot at all times and follows the balloon while you are in flight. The same air conditioned van that took you to the launch point will be there to pick you up when you land, and you can sometimes see it from your flight.

You won’t have to worry about motion sickness on this flight. The ride is very gentle and you can even put a glass of water on a table in the passenger area, and not spill a drop of water. This is a great ride but it is not cheap. Current rates are $175 per person or $90 per child under 90 pounds. If you want a romantic ride for two then it will cost you $475. These prices include a post flight champagne toast, an all-you-can-eat brunch, souvenir champagne glass and a photo flight certificate.

In addition to the normal touristic rides, it is also possible to hold special events in the balloons. Weddings are sometimes performed before a flight right at the launch site and if conditions permit, you can even have a private launch from your locale.

One of the big and reputable balloon operators of the area is Bob’s Balloons so check them out and get ready for a ride to write home about.…

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El Cid Vacation – Taking Your Vacation in Mexico Or Stay For Sure

El Cid Vacation – Taking Your Vacation in Mexico Or Stay For Sure

One would definitely want to take his/her time off from a very hectic schedule. If you are given a chance to take a vacation, you should try experiencing a “Cancun” type of vacation in the Mexican Caribbean. This coastal city is where you can experience luxurious accommodations that can surely allow you to get a feel of serenity and relaxation even through a member ship offer through El Cid Vacations Club.

As you look into what this type of vacation offer can do for you, you can be rest assured that your dream of experiencing the feel of turquoise waters as well as warm beaches can be one great vacation experience to look forward to. You will be able to take advantage from various amazing destinations where you can get from the vacation packages that they offer for their resorts. This will allow you to have the time of your life while trying to explore the life away from the city.

What is more amazing about this is that even if you are away from the city, it doesn’t exactly mean that the place will be secluded and not allow you to get access to stores, adventure filled cruises, and other exciting parties that you can attend to. Knowing that you can get such amenities in this paradise-like El Cid resorts, you might be thinking if it is possible for you to look into a relaxing and elegant way of living in Mexico aside from having a relaxing vacation on their resorts, right?

It is possible to live in this Vacation homes for sale in Mexico. Knowing that you will be able to meet a lot of friendly people in the neighborhood and such wonderful and adventurous scenery, the place is more than just a vacation spot. You can choose from a variety of vacation properties where you would like to live the lifestyle that fits your own preference. Here, you will not only be able to live a luxurious life for a few months but you may as well stay permanently and enjoy the place.

Why not treat yourself with a peaceful and relaxing vacation or might as well acquire a place to live in the city of Mexico. With what El Cid Vacation offers, you can assure yourself that you will be able to experience an elegant lifestyle as well as a memorable vacation.…

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How to Spend Your Family Vacation

How to Spend Your Family Vacation

Are you planning to take your family to New York? You could have not picked a better place. This beautiful city has many things to offer. It is full of activities, providing fun and excitement for both parents and children. You will see different attractions like famous museums, theatres, skyscrapers and parks. It is a thriving lively place along with fascinating culture and history. The good news is you can now look for affordable weekly vacation rentals in New York City instead of spending a fortune on luxury hotels.

What to do in New York:

– Walk tour with your kids

You can start your vacation by educating your kids. Walk around the city and let them see the beauty of the Big Apple. Visiting the famous Statue of Liberty is a good start. You may also book a guided tour for your family to be more familiar around the city. These guides can take you to many popular and historical land marks in the city. They can even take you to the best spots where you can enjoy the view of the famous Statue of Liberty.

– Take them to Central Park

Central Park is one of the most popular parks in the world. It was the very first landscaped public park in the country. The park opened in 1857 on 843 acres of city-owned land. Today, you can see breathtaking views like flower gardens, green meadows, and well-designed structures. You can even see performance centers and educational facilities. During winter months, people gather here to go ice skating at Wollman or Lasker Rink. Your kids will definitely love this place.

– Visit the Wildlife Conservation Society

There are two main zoos in New York City: Central Park Zoo and Tisch children’s zoo. The Central Park Zoo displays over 1,500 animals of over 130 species, from giant Polar Bears to little Leaf Cutter Ants. The Children’s zoo is an ideal location to educate your kids about wildlife in an entertaining and exciting setting. It features a small petting zoo as well.

– Have a glimpse of their museums

New York City is also home to world class museums. You can take your family to the American Museum of Natural History or to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts. The American Museum of Natural history is one of the world’s leading scientific and cultural institutions. On the other hand, the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers special programs for families. Here, you can have good quality time with your family.

You can also explore the Sony Wonder Technology Lab with your kids. This is an interactive facility, which also holds special programs for kids.

If you are considering taking your kids to these spots, it is advisable to choose the best place to stay. New York City is such a big place and you will need more than a few days to explore it. Plan ahead of time and make sure the place your staying provides excellent customer service and world class facilities.

Apart from hotel rooms, you may also check out some of the best penthouse suites in New York. This is the best getaway adventure you can give your family.…

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Privately Owned Vacation Rental Perks

Privately Owned Vacation Rental Perks

When its time to get away from it all and you need a break at a beach, in the mountains, or at a lake, you need to make sure that you rent the best equipped place possible. The best type of vacation rentals to rent for your relaxing time away from reality are rentals from privately owned properties. There are many reasons to rent privately.

First, the chance of being awakened by your neighbors next to you or your neighbors above you are slim to none. So you want to take a nap at 4 O’clock in the afternoon in your cozy bed after a day of sunning at the beach? No problem! No screaming kids or loud teenagers blaring their music will be close enough to interrupt you if you rent a privately owned vacation home. The towels may not be folded into the shape of a duck, but they will smell like your mother’s fresh laundry. The house may be adorned with photos of the family that owns the home, but this is a much better option than staring at loud, annoying 3-D people wondering the halls of a motel.

Another reason people rent privately is because the price is negotiable. There is no standard “rate” in the industry that “fluctuates” due to inflation or the housing market or anything of the like. It is a price that is determined by the home owner and offered to you. If you feel this price is too steep, private vacation home owners are typically much more willing to negotiate a better price. Also, many times you will get much more value for what you are spending. You can rent a room for a week at the Day’s Inn for about $1,000 for a one bedroom room. At a privately owned beach house, you may be spending $1000 for a week long vacation right on the beach. The reason for this is because privately owned beach homes are often used by the families that own them during the summertime, so in the off-season, they are not so much concerned about making a profit rather then just paying the bills while they are not there. However management companies that own vacation rentals are constantly concerned with churning out a profit.

Lastly, privately owned vacation rental homes are much more unique that cookie cutter condos. They give the occupant a much more unique experience. They allow the occupant to be one with the community, as opposed to a tourist.

Therefore, not only will you avoid the annoyance of little kids and drunk teenagers spoiling your week of relaxation, you may also be getting this week of relaxation in a luxurious, lived-in, homey feeling place. The experience that you will get in a privately owned home is unmatchable to the common experiences within a hotel, motel, or company owned condo. These are the three main reasons why people typically will choose to stay in a privately owned vacation rental spot.…

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The Importance of Vacations

The Importance of Vacations

Summer is almost over and I can guarantee more than half the people you know have yet to get away on a vacation. The fact is, most people do not take vacations often enough. In addition to this, increasingly, when individuals do take vacations, they take their work while on them. Taking your work with you on vacation essentially defeats the purpose of a vacation, as you are remaining in the mindset that you’re trying to escape. This lack of an ability to relax is problematic for many reasons.

Vacations Promote Creativity

A valuable vacation can help us to reconnect with ourselves. It may encourage self-discovery, allowing us to get back to feeling our absolute best.

Vacations Prevent Burnout

Employees who take time to relax are less likely to experience burnouts. This results in more creative and productive work, unlike under-rested counterparts who will become fatigued and overworked.

Vacations Can Keep Us Healthy

Taking time off work to recharge and revitalize can lower your stress levels. Ultimately, lowering your stress levels will keep your healthy.

Vacations Promote Overall Well-being

A study found that three days after vacation, employees’ physical complaints, quality of sleep and overall mood improved dramatically. These enhancements were still present five weeks later, particularly in the individuals who had more personal time and overall satisfaction while on their vacations.

Vacations Can Strengthen Bonds

Spending time enjoying life with your loved ones can help keep relationships strong. Enjoying the good times and assisting you through the hard times, these vacations are what you need.

Vacations Can Help With Your Job Performance

Studies show that more frequent vacations lead to increased quality of life, which results in increased quality of work on the job.

Vacationing is supposed to be a relaxing time. Becoming more predominant with regular vacationers is the purchase of second homes, a place where they can go to be at ease. However, many homeowners worry about their homes when they are on vacation, and worry about their cottages/vacation property while they are at home. Using one of Absolute Automation’s monitoring units may be the way to provide peace of mind.

The Intermediate Freeze Alarm

With its Quick Status Feature you are able to hear the current temperature and power and battery status with just a simple 15 second phone call! This device will call up to three phone numbers and alert you with a voice message if ever the temperature gets too cold/hot, the power fails, or if the back-up battery needs replacing.

The Sensaphone 400

This device will monitor your home or business for temperature extremes, water problems, power failure and more. It will call up to four phone numbers when problems occur and you are able to receive status reports and listen-in to onsite sounds.…

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Renting Orlando Vacation Homes

Renting Orlando Vacation Homes

When you decide to vacation in Orlando the options of where you want to stay is limitless. Being one of the premier tourist attractions in the US, Orlando, means that there are tourist accommodations on every block. The best part is that every budget can be accommodated as well. There are low budget hotel all the way to the high budget luxury ones. But there are a lot of ways to lose money on what seems like a good value at the time but turns out quite the opposite. Renting an Orlando vacation home may be just what you are looking for.

These homes will certainly not be quite as fancy and luxurious as a neighboring five star resort but luxury and budget can go hand in hand with a vacation home. You will be treated to all the standard amenities of any hotel like TVs, game consoles, towels, linens, anything to make you comfortable while you stay. But because these are residential homes used mostly for rentals then there will be beds, functioning kitchens, and even air conditioning is often offered as an option. All of this means that you can be comfortable and relax for your vacation but still enjoy some of the nicer things about being at home, like a home cooked meal.

Many people expect that these homes will be very far away from all the tourist attractions, though that is a bit misleading. Some of the homes are located away from the heart of Orlando and are toward the edge of town, which is likely why they are so affordable. But there are also homes located almost right next door to the major attractions like Sea World or Universal Studios. Those will be a bit more expensive but the lesser cost of traveling back and forth might be worth it.

Of course the question that most people have to ask themselves is, are these homes a good value compared to staying at a hotel? One of the ways that vacation homes are cheaper than a hotel is that they only come with standard amenities. Anything else that you need can be rented for a nominal cost but you will not be using anything you do not need. At a hotel you are paying more for amenities that you may never want or need to use. You can also save my having one house rented for the entire family instead of needing a few hotel rooms. And if you are staying for a few weeks then these homes have weekly rates available that will be much cheaper than the daily rates for a hotel. Orlando vacation homes are definitely a good value for the money you pay for it.…