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The Wonderful City on the Circle

The Wonderful City on the Circle

The spectacular views and remarkable places in Florida have certainly attracted a lot of visitors to stop by the place for both a long and short time vacation. And it is not just only for once but rather twice, thrice or more. To name a few of these are the exciting activities and events that serve as highlights in certain towns or districts, both the customary and the contemporary views and spots that everyone would surely love to see, and the major sports and leagues are just few of these essential elements responsible for the perceptible increase in tourism in the state of Florida.

The Circle Plan

One of the most impressive and remarkable places in Florida that is worth a stopover is the City on the Circle, officially referring to the city of Sebring, a unique downtown in the state of Florida. It is referred to as “the city on the circle” because of the magnificent circle plan, which distinctively entails that every road in the place should lead from and to the heart of the district. The original concept of the design is based on an Egyptian city named Heliopolis.

Depicting the all-American city, the city on the circle still remains intact despite the modern changes implemented within Sebring’s vicinity. Truly it brings a remarkable highlight to the sunshine state of Florida.

What’s more in Sebring?

While the circle plan undeniably emphasizes the center of attraction, getting in to the downtown Sebring still has a lot to offer you. Compared to the contemporary downtowns and cities, every visitor can see a difference with Sebring. What makes the difference is its uniqueness. It is a kind of downtown that would let you step back in time. There you can see assorted antique shops, boutiques, stylish shops, restaurants and many more.

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The Circle Park — When you get tired of shopping and strolling, a circle park situated at the heart of the town offers you a free shade where you can sit and relax.

The Cultural Center — If you want to find out more about the place, then the Cultural Center of Sebring offers you with eclectic blend of the Floridian culture and arts. For a great cultural experience, you can spend quality time visiting the cultural center of the town Sebring catering the Highlands Museum of Arts and also a must-have public library for further discovery of the unique culture of the locale Floridians. One of the major highlights in Sebring Florida is the Highlands Fine Art Festival, which is commemorated in every month of November.

Indy Car Racing — You might think that Sebring is just a mere quiet district. Well it is not. Just lately, Sebring is considered as the winter home of Indy Car Racing. The widely known International Raceway is proudly owned by Sebring for over half of a century now. The oldest racing track of America is also in this town. It is on this famous racing track when the premiere event on the well-known Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Endurance Race and the American Le Mans Series are held every March of every year.

Besides all the aforesaid highlights of the town Sebring, there are still more you can do when you get there. To name a few more, the weekend golf at the Spring Lake Golf or camping at the Highlands Hammock State Park.

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