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Top Six Animal Attractions in Orlando

Top Six Animal Attractions in Orlando

There are a lot of good reasons as to why Orlando is worth everyone’s precious visit. Among these are the many attraction sites that continue to lure visitors from across the globe, to stopover and discover further what lies behind the beauty of each site.

Among the most favorite attractions in Orlando that constantly acquire tourist visits are the animal attractions populated with various amazing creatures that are worth seeing. Below are six of Orlando’s best animal attractions, waiting for your valuable visit.

1. Blue Springs State Park – There are a lot of amazing privileges Blue Springs State Park of Orlando offers to its every visitor. One of the most favorite attribute of the site is the appearance of the West Indian Manatee. Such sighting is mostly preferred by those brave enough to try the 72 degree springs on a winter day with the inclusion of scuba divers and snorkelers. Visiting the site will give you the privilege to capture unique pictures of the amazing West Indian Manatee. The best season to visit the place is from November to March.

2. Discovery Cove – Here in Discovery Cove, you can swim with the Bottlenose Dolphins, tropical face and rays. The bottlenose dolphins are deemed as the star attraction in the place. Along with them are the fearsome sharks and barracuda, incredible collection of 10,000 brilliantly colored tropical fish and Southern cownose rays. At SeaWorld’s Discovery Cove, you too can see a free-flight aviary with over 25 exotic birds.

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3. Gatorland – For those who love to see alligators that entertain people, the Gatorland in Orlando is the best place to visit. Gatorland features the amazing Jumparoo show where all trained alligators offer a unique kind of entertainment that would surely amaze everyone watching.

4. Central Florida Zoo – If you want to see the various exciting animal features, the Central Florida Zoo caters every visitor with an all-in-one zoo, education center, garden and attraction. Here you can see the amazing colorful Coqui frog and other intriguing animals from anywhere in the world. You also can avail on a great learning opportunity regarding the various animals present in the zoo with its Summer Camps and Educational Programs. The best time of visit would be on September when the interesting Coqui’ festival of good luck is held at the Zoo.

5.Animal Kingdom – One of the most renowned places in Orlando is Walt Disney’s 4th Theme Park, Animal Kingdom that features various types of animals worldwide. Here you can see face to face with two highly endangered primates, the cotton-top tamarins of South America’s tropical forests. Rides, shows, parades and themed restaurants are among the most exciting typical features of Animal Kingdom.

6. SeaWorld, Orlando – SeaWorld Orlando is considered the premier aquatic theme park in Orlando, which offers exciting rides and spectacular views. Here you can witness ocean life, carefully trained to perform and entertain people. One of the favorite areas of SeaWorld is at SeaWorld Orlando’s Shamu Stadium where you can see the two-month-old killer whale Baby Shamu, swimming alongside his mother Katina.

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Every visitor can also take advantage of Florida Resident Specials including the exciting annual events.