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Vacationing In Ireland

Vacationing In Ireland

If you are looking for a unique vacation getaway for you or your family you should consider traveling to Ireland. Ireland is an island country located northwest of continental Europe. It is Europe’s third largest island. Ireland is a beautiful country with many worthwhile attractions for visitors. Whether you enjoy gorgeous scenery, fantastic golf courses or exciting nightlife, Ireland has something for everyone. If you plan on making a trip outside of the United States, consider adding pages to your passport by visiting Ireland.

Blarney Castle

One of Ireland’s most sought out travel destinations is the Blarney Castle. The historic landmark is famous for its Blarney Stone. There is a tradition in Ireland that if a person kisses the Blarney Stone they will be blessed with “the gift of gab”, meaning they will be transformed into very eloquent talkers. This is a wonderful experience for anyone who travels to Ireland to experience. It also makes for a memorable photo opportunity.

Medieval Sites

Another great attraction to see in Ireland is the medieval capital of Kilkenny. It is home to some of the most stunning, ancient architectural structures in the country. This location also plays host to a number of interesting festivals that take place throughout the year. Kilkenny is only about an hour and a half trip from Dublin, making it an easy spot to visit on any vacation to Ireland.

The Famous Cliffs Of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher is arguable the most famous tourist destination in all of Ireland and is a must see for any traveler. The scenery offered by these enormous cliffs is simply stunning and gives tourists an incredible place to view the Atlantic Ocean. Ever year more than a million tourists flock to this destination. The Cliffs of Moher also hosted part of the production for the Hollywood hit “The Princess Bride”.

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Golfing Experiences

Golf is wildly popular in the country of Ireland and the country boasts some of the more noteworthy courses in the world. In fact, many people travel to Ireland for the golfing experience alone. Ireland is also home to a number of famous golfers worldwide, many of which have gone on to win major championships. Some of Ireland’s golf courses date back hundreds of years and can still be played today. This is a wonderful experience for any golf enthusiast as the can play the game as it was played by its inventors.