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High Up in the Sky – The French Alps

High Up in the Sky – The French Alps

It is a popular area that is ideal for vacations; the French Alps were crafted from glaciers which has corresponding valleys that has a mild climate and rich soil. Part of the European chain of mountains that are known as the Alps this part of the region is known for its captivating beauty featuring Alpine lakes. It is one of France’s most popular tourist regions along with Paris and the Cte d’Azur. Also the Alps are the biggest mountain range in Europe that spread through France, Italy and Switzerland with the highest peaks forming a natural barrier with Italy.

There a few towns in the French Alps in which at first glance may seem like an inhospitable and isolated section of France. Actually they are loaded with towns that are linked and popular all year round. The Alps are divided into two Providences, Savoy in the north which contains Mount Blanc and Dauphine in the south that is home to Grenoble which is the main city of the Alps. This shows the French Alps are a popular and diverse region. In the Alps you will villas in France that are a few minutes away from various activities.

These Alps have fabulous opportunities for skiers and snowboarders as they have craggy peaks and snow-capped mountains to conquer. The Chamonix, Megeve and Val d’Isere are the most popular resort towns in the Alps; Chamonix has the world’s highest cable car and is in close proximity of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Western Europe. There are around 200 resorts so if those don’t tickle your fancy you’re bound to find one that does. The other towns also have their quirks such as Annecy with its well-lit lantern lanes, Chambery which contains a lot of history and Grenoble being the largest city in the French Alps.

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The weather in the Alps varies from summer to winter. With the enchanting summer weather valleys welcome fields of wild flowers and green fauna. It also becomes ideal for hiking, rafting, mountain biking and canoeing as the weather is usually in ideal conditions, which also is also why paragliding and skydiving is possible and anyone who knows about those two knows that you need near perfect conditions to do those. There are three national parks and four regional parks in the Alps. The Vanoise national park borders the Italian side as well as the French side of the Alps, on the Italian side it is continued by the Gran Paradiso National Park and with this it covers over 1250 km, the crins National Park is located in the south of Grenoble and north of Gap and is shared between the Isre and Hautes-Alpes. The Mercantour National Park is a popular park and consists of an uninhabited zone consisting of seven valleys and a peripheral zone comprising 28 villages. The crins and Mercantour National parks attract 800,000 tourists each every year.

The French Alps are quite close to a few of the major cities in France so if you plan to stay in the Alps major attractions are a short drive away and vice versa if you are staying in a city.