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Where the Ghosts Are – Planning a Vacation to Haunted Locations

Where the Ghosts Are – Planning a Vacation to Haunted Locations

I adore good scary stories. However, nothing can match the experience of living one for yourself. The travel industry has been making impressive advancements in increasing the convenience of traveling internationally, meaning you can see these places with less hassle. Services like overnight passport delivery and affordable travel packages are only a few of the steps that the international travel industry has made. So if you aren’t too scared of ghosts, and if you like to tell scary stories in the dark, visiting some of these locations will provide thrills unlike any you’ve experienced before. Whether you’re considering using either an experienced guide or just going at it alone, tons of places exist around the world where the past has come back from the dead to haunt the living.

A passport is needed if you are thinking of visiting any of the following places, along with gratuitous amounts of courage. If you are the type that lives on impulse, you can invest in 24 hour passport processing in order to get started on your ghost hunting adventures.

Bran Castle in Romania holds the spot at the top of many haunted location lists. You’re probably more familiar with this location as Dracula’s Castle. People over so many generations have become fascinated by the gruesome history behind the home and fortress of Vlad Tepes, also known as Vlad the Impaler or Vlad Dracula. Sitting high on a rugged hill, this Gothic-style castle carries an air so menacing, that people in the village below avoid simply looking at it. It’s this reputation that makes it a magnet for those searching for the paranormal.

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More supernatural phenomenon can be experienced in Rome’s Coliseum. Think about it: under the once-bloody sand of the arena lies the vaults where soldiers and prisoners both waited to die. It’s no wonder that the world of the living and the dead has been so drastically blurred with the heavy atmosphere of death, misery, and fear.

One more distant location is the Aokigahara Forest in Japan. This site has quite a reputation behind it as being one of the most mysterious places in the world. Numerous urban legends and tales of spirits dwell around the forest, and it’s easy to see why. This forest carries the third highest rate of suicides in the world. One year, no less than 78 bodies were found in the forest. The immense loss of human life and the dark thoughts that surround this locale make it hub of ghostly activity.

The Rockwood Cemetery is said to be the hands-down most haunted cemetery in the entire world. Located in Australia, this site has come to be known simply as The Necropolis. Along with the famous Davenport Brothers, over one million people are buried beneath the land.