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Top Theme Parks to Visit During Your Vacation in Orlando

Top Theme Parks to Visit During Your Vacation in Orlando

If you are bringing your family to a vacation in Orlando and you want to have the kids to have the best experience ever, you should consider visiting these top theme parks. Here are some of those that your kids would definitely love.

Universal Studios

A mini-HollywoodA�that is what Universal Studios is. But there is nothing miniature about this massive park where you will see recreation of movie sets and rides. Some of the most popular attractions in this theme park include those taken from movies like Twister, Jaws, Back to the Future, and Terminator. Kids, teenagers and adults will all have a grand time in this world famous theme park.

Wet n Wild Orlando

This one is an awesome water park filled with speedy rides and exhilarating water slides. This park also boasts of having the Wakeboard attraction where you get to experience the thrilling sport of wakeboarding. Whether you are a beginner or an expert wake boarder, you will love how you can ride the waves and feel an incredible rush. Wet ‘n Wild Orlando is open all year round. During winter months, heated pools are available so you can enjoy water fun without shivering.


An extraordinary water park that features white water rafting, white sand beaches, and breathtaking landscapes and shoreline vistas, Aquatica is a must-not-miss attraction in Orlando. One of the focal points of the theme park is the Dolphin Plunge that would have riders speeding in clear tubes to splash into the Pacific Blue Lagoon where charming and cute dolphins live. That is one unique experience you do not get to have every day.

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SeaWorld Orlando

The top marine adventure park in the world is no other than SeaWorld. Here, you will get amazing marine creatures like sea lions, killer whales, sharks, turtles, fish, and so many more. Catch awesome shows of Shamu, the famous character in SeaWorld. Experience exhilarating rides that would give you and the kids the best time ever.

Discovery Cove Orlando

An interactive and educational theme park situated right beside SeaWorld, Discovery Cove is filled with family-friendly activities that you can enjoy while you are in a verdant tropical setting. Swim with the dolphins, snorkel to explore grandiose reef environments, meet sharks and stingrays, discover shipwrecks, and feed exotic creatures to make the most out of your time here.

Magic Kingdom and Epcot

The list will not be exhaustive without these leading theme parks of Disney World. Meet the whole Disney gang when you visit these prime theme parks. You can stay inside the Disney Vacation Homes to make the most out of your trip to these places.

If you’re going only for the weekend or for a few day stay in Orlando, you and the kids won’t be able to see all these parks but you can make the most out of your vacation by choosing those that would your kids love the most. Also, it would be best to stay at nearby accommodations like Disney Vacation Homes so you can save travel time. Now, if you have longer time to stay in this part of Florida, it would be all right to stay in Kissimmee Vacation Homes because you don’t have to worry much about saving time.

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