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Aviation Buffs – Fantasy of Flight is the Place For You to Visit

Aviation Buffs – Fantasy of Flight is the Place For You to Visit

If you would like to see the world’s biggest collection of vintage airplanes, then the Fantasy of Flight attraction is the place to visit when you are in Orlando. This fascinating exhibition combines inter-active exhibits, aerial shows, and a huge collection of historic planes to create an attraction that was named “Orlando’s Best Kept Secret” in a recent newspaper poll.

The exhibit was opened by Kermit Weeks, who wanted to represent all eras of aviation history starting from the earliest flights and continuing up to the 1950s. Some of the aircraft on display have been restored to their original condition and others have been left in the condition that they were in when they were acquired.

Planes on display include the B-17 Flying Fortress, P-51C Mustang, MK-16 Spitfire, and many other stand-out airplanes from the years 1900 to 1950. The facility is located on a 2,000 acre plot and includes enough attractions and activities to keep you busy for an enjoyable three to five hour visit.

The exhibitions are grouped into early flight, beginning with the bi-planes of the early 1900s, and then going to the World War I period when airplanes started to play a role in the mechanized warfare of the modern era. The World War II era is shown with the B-17 Flying Fortress being the star attraction.

In addition to an array of 40 vintage planes, there is also an interactive section where you can build your own paper airplane, then set it free to see how far it gets through the Flight Center’s fly zone. There is also a state-of-the art gliding simulator where you can feel what it was like to pilot a hot air balloon. You can also take control of a Corsair Fighter on a World War II aircraft carrier and try to shoot down enemy aircraft.

For many people the highlight of any visit to Fantasy of Flight is the aircraft of the day demonstration when a vintage plane is rolled out, and there is a question and answer session in which the pilot gives some of the history of the airplane. Then the pilot takes the plane aloft for an aerial demonstration in the skies above the facility.

For every perfectly restored airplane in the Art Deco display hangars, two airplanes await restoration in the back lot. Guests can inspect an eclectic collection of military aviation artifacts and even historic planes that were used in Hollywood. A trip to the restoration workshops will give you an insight into the problems and solutions that this center uses to restore old aircraft into planes that have won awards for historical restoration.

Like any attraction of this type, Fantasy of Flight has a souvenir shop where you can pick up books, videos, and Tee shirts that are flight-themed. You can also get a snack at their art-deco diner which is open every day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Fantasy of Flight is located at 1400 Broadway Blvd. S.E., Polk City, FL 33868, (863)984-3500 and their website is .…

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Traveling Abroad With A Baby In Tow

Traveling Abroad With A Baby In Tow

Often times, there can be nothing more frustrating for a parent than to have to travel overseas with a screaming, crying baby. You have to deal with them on airplanes, drag them through customs at airports, and hold them while you try and check in at hotels. However, there are a few tips parents can think about if they are planning on traveling with an infant. You will need your passport to travel overseas. Also, a passport for babies is now required for infants traveling internationally with their parents. This is done to prevent child abductions.

New Requirements

In the past, it was not a requirement for infants to have to possess a United States passport for international travel. However, due to the recent phenomenon of child abductions taking place all over the world, it is now a law that babies traveling with their parents must have a valid passport. Fortunately, getting your baby a passport is a relatively simple procedure that, if you follow the correct instructions, will take very little time to process. You will have to obtain the proper forms and fill them out. Then you will need to show authorities the correct documentation to prove that your child is, in fact, a United States citizen. This is the easy part compared with the actual travel you will have to do with your baby.

How To Choose An Airline

You should think about, when selecting an airline, if they offer any special amenities for passengers traveling with small infants. Some airlines will allow people with an infant priority boarding which can be very beneficial. That way you can get settled and make sure the baby is comfortable, instead of standing in a long line waiting to be seated with a crying baby. Flight attendants are also, usually, very helpful to parents traveling with young children.

Young Children

Thankfully, if you have a child that is under the age of two they are permitted to sit in your lap during the duration of the flight. This will let you avoid having to haul a cumbersome car-seat through the airport for your baby to sit in on the plane. Another good idea is the hands free, baby carrier that parents can employ when making their way through a crowded airport.

Infant Luggage

Another cool thing you can do for your child while traveling is to allow them to have their own luggage. Children love nothing more than to imitate their parents, and by allowing them to roll their own suitcases through an airport it will make them feel more grown up. This is also a good idea because if they get tired of pulling it, you can perch them atop the rolling luggage and use it as a stroller. Plus, you will have extra luggage if you need to put anything else in it while you are traveling.

Staying Organized

Organization is the most critical thing for parents to worry about when traveling abroad with a baby in tow. This will allow you to remain stress free when handling all of the obstacles that come with international travel. By keeping all of your baby items together you will be able to quickly access them should you need to.…

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Marco Island Vacation Rentals

Marco Island Vacation Rentals

Sparkling blue water and sugary white sand epitomize the laid back tropical beauty of Marco Island. It’s everything you always wanted (and maybe you didn’t know you wanted) in a Florida beach vacation. You would expect to find many Marco Island rental properties directly on the water, but you may be surprised to find that even inland, it’s hard to go dry. With the many waterways and canals that wind throughout the island, you’ll have a pretty easy time finding that perfect rental property for your vacation. Start your search on this web site, taking advantage of the abundance of information and the reputable rental management companies who present it. These experts can help you with all the choices you will need to make – location, style, size and amenities.

Maybe a luxury high rise condo on the Gulf sounds good, or possibly a individual rental home situated on an inlet with a private dock. There are cute cottages and villas nestled in beach resorts that offer great amenities also. No matter where or what style you choose for your Marco Island vacation rentals, you’ll never be too far away from anything you want to do. All the rental homes, condos and villas come fully furnished, with functioning kitchens and linen service. The level of amenities after that is up to you. The natural beauty of the area, the unbeatable Florida sunshine and the turquoise blue waters are all free with your rental. Add to that with a private or shared pool and hot tub, wireless internet, a gourmet kitchen and designer decor, maybe a private deck or patio and an outdoor kitchen. It’s all here at Marco Island.

Aside from some major sunbathing and occasional dip to cool off, there is plenty to do on Marco Island if you care to get up off your beach towel. A trip to the Everglades is definitely worth the energy. Take a guided tour and wonder at the rare birds, and other animals that make this unique ecosystem their home. Along Resident’s Beach you will find Tigertail Beach, a great place for catching even more amazing birds, plants and animals on and off shore. Bring your camera and a pair of binoculars, and a container for shells, as Tigertail Beach usually has plenty. Visit the Olde Marco Inn, Marco Island’s oldest building. Plus, there’s always golf. You won’t have any trouble finding a well manicured course nearby to take on while vacationing on Marco Island.

Get out of the car and take a bike or moped around the island, discover the quaint town, with fun shopping and great dining, and then go spend some time with nature. Dolphins playing, manatees floating along, birds soaring. Experience the sea breezes and gentle laid back atmosphere of Marco Island with all of your senses. Make your next island getaway the best yet. Start your grand adventure on this site by finding the perfect Marco Island vacation rental home, condo or villa.…

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Vacation Homes – The Most Popular Holiday Rentals

Vacation Homes – The Most Popular Holiday Rentals

People who had gone on a vacation to Florida will overwhelmingly agree that Florida vacation homes have all the advantages to make the vacation memorable.

Whether you are visiting Florida for honeymoon or for your family holiday, there are different types and sizes of vacation rental homes in Florida.

Florida is verily a tourist paradise with splendorous white sand beaches, panoramic landscapes, world famous theme parks, golf courses and many enchanting tourist spots.

Your desire for spending quality time with your loved ones in seclusion and comfort can be fulfilled when you hire a Florida vacation rental home. While staying at Florida vacation home, you can enjoy a greater degree of freedom and privacy and command all types of conveniences that hotel accommodation can not provide.

Besides, when you are traveling as a large group, you may have to book multiple rooms in a hotel and that would mean difficulties in coordinating the activities and this type of segregation will also not be helpful in bonding with one another.

Florida vacation rentals are indeed home away from home and you will be provided with well-furnished living room, cozy bed rooms, full-fledged kitchen, dining space, convenient bathrooms, hot tubs, air conditioners, heaters, jumbo television, telephone facility, entertainment systems and a lot more.

The kids will love vacation homes as they will have a lot of space to play around.

You can cook your own food cook and avoid eating outside and that will result in huge savings.

Some of the Florida accommodation facilities include villas, town homes, beach houses, cottages, apartments, condos etc – each with its own advantages and features. You can opt for the right type of Florida vacation home in keeping with the facilities you need and your budget limits. Vacation Rentals in Florida is a collection of business companies that vie with one another in offering you unique facilities and competitive rates.

To select the best vacation home for yourself and your family from the plethora of Florida vacation homes, it is wise to search on the Internet. Whether you are looking to rent a beach house, a condo or a Florida vacation home big enough for your entire group, the Internet can help you find the perfect vacation home.

You can get to view the exterior and interior of several vacation homes and also collect information about each of them – regarding the facilities, features and price. Availing combo package that includes plane fare, accommodation and car rental can work out cheaper for you.

There are some fabulous luxurious beachfront homes in Florida, with every conceivable comfort that can keep you mesmerized – provided you can afford to hire them.

Please remember Florida has warm weather and is home to many major cosmopolitan cities, that has a mixture of various race and social groups. These cities have many shopping venues that you can visit and buy things of your choice. You should also to occasionally eat out and enjoy a variety of food with local flavor in some exotic restaurants that also serve international cuisine.

You will be well-advised to book the Florida vacation homes at least a couple of weeks in advance to avoid disappointment as there will always be demand for some of the better known vacation homes.…

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Top 5 Reasons Why People Love to Visit Discovery Cove in Orlando

Top 5 Reasons Why People Love to Visit Discovery Cove in Orlando

Aside from Disney World, there are still a lot of beautiful sites Orlando has to offer to its many visitors. Among the mostly visited attraction sites are the Universal Orlando, Sea World Orlando, and International Drive. But the fun does not end there. There are still plenty of alternative destinations that best suit the needs of every traveler. Evident of this is the splendid vacation experience you can get from visiting Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida.

There are a lot of reasons as to why Orlando travelers never missed to stop at Discovery Cove. Among the most common reasons are as follow:

1. Presence of Dolphin Lagoon. One of the highlights of Discovery Cove is its Dolphin Lagoon, wherein visitors are given a chance to experience a 30-minute interactive adventure swimming with several bottlenose dolphins. Such activity will give you a more relaxing and personalized experienced with the interesting dolphins.

2. Coral Reef Sighting. Aside from swimming with dolphins, another exciting activity you can do at the Discovery Cove is snorkeling through one of the largest collections of marine life like Discovery Cove’s Coral Reef. Here, you can follow colorful schools of tropical fish. You too, can swim among hundreds of downy, attractive rays. One good thing of snorkeling at the Coral Reef is the unlimited time given for you to explore the marine life and reefs within it. Aside from Coral Reef, you too, can get a chance to see the Barracuda and Shark tanks, hidden underwater with real barracudas and sharks inside.

3. Tropical River Floating and Aviary Sighting. Here you can enjoy trip floating down the tropical river circles through the park, wherein you will encounter beautiful beaches, rocky lagoons and abundant vegetation. One spot you should not missed to visit while venturing down the Tropical River is the Aviary. In the Aviary, you will be impressed with the sighting of over 250 exotic birds, where you can hand feed and interact with. You will know when you reached the park’s aviary as you enter under the little waterfall. Aside from the tropical river, you too, can get to the aviary by land.

4. Ravenous Rays Feeding. Not only the bottlenose dolphins but also the ravenous rays are visible in Discovery Cove. This is such a perfect experience for adventurous vacationers, including you. Prior to the actual hand feeding, a trainer will go ahead entering the saltwater Ray Lagoon, to communicate with various species of rays in it. Feeding demonstration will also be initially conducted and within seconds, the ravenous rays unite in a feeding frenzy. Those who wish to hand feed a ray will be given fresh fish sections.

5. All-in-One Admission Package. Here at Orlando’s Discovery Cove, you can avail an all-in-one package in a single admission price. Thus, aside from the featured attractions within the site, drinks and food for breakfast, lunch and snacks are also available. Special foods ranging from salads and sandwiches to variety of fresh seafood and pasta are served. Foods for kids are also served including macaroni and cheese, chicken tenders and hot dogs. Snacks range from fresh fruits and delicious desserts. Orlando’s Discovery Cove really has something for everyone.

There are still more to discover at the Discovery Cove, but before you visit the place, be sure to secure a vacation home in Orlando to accommodate you well after doing an incredible marine escapade at the park.…

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Orlando Vacation Homes Offer a Great Home Base

Orlando Vacation Homes Offer a Great Home Base

Disney World is a fantastic experience. It was once a swamp, now transformed into a magical kingdom for all to enjoy. When leaving the park after a fun filled day, where do you and the family go? You can go to the hotel, which is an option. This author found that nothing compares to enjoying your privacy with the family in a home atmosphere. A home is the key to comfort. A vacation home is the way to travel. With a vacation home options are not limited and security is not a concern. All the comforts you would find at your home.

You find that with most homes a swimming pool is available; after all, this is Florida we are speaking of. Two, three, four and even five bedroom homes accommodate all sizes of family. If traveling with relatives, sharing the expense you’ll find it is very comparable to hotels rates. In some occasion you may even find a savings. Pools, game rooms, full kitchens, computers, and all the comforts you would expect within your own home. Did I mention options?

Once you are at Disney World that would mean you are in Orlando. Orlando is so much more than just Disney World, although Disney is big enough to encompass entire week’s events. There is also Universal Studios’ Island of adventure or City Walk (home to the Orlando Hard Rock Caf?�). International drive is home to several attractions that include Wild Waters, the Wonder Works and several other family oriented locations. I-drive is also home to many adult fun hot spots like Howl at the Moon, Orlando’s premier piano bar, to mention just one. Also, while you are there don’t forget SeaWorld.

Along with a trip to Orlando there are many other areas in Florida that are within an easy day trip from the city. Daytona Beach is no secret, of course, but a 30 minute drive above Daytona is St. Augustine, Florida’s oldest settlement dating back the days of Spanish conquest. Many tours and attractions including the Alligator Farm and a narrated cruise in the historic waterfront, leaving several times a day for over a hundred years.

There are many other options to explore throughout Florida. Some wild and some tame, Florida is a wonderful state that offers adventure and relaxation at any measure satisfying all desires of a vacation experience, family or couples. It’s all here!…

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How to Compare the Value and Traffic of the Top 5 Vacation Listing Sites

How to Compare the Value and Traffic of the Top 5 Vacation Listing Sites

When you’re marketing your Vacation rental you’ll need to advertise on one or more of the major rental listing sites. Using them together with your own website creates a powerful marketing strategy to get you qualified enquiries that you can turn into bookings. But you can’t advertise on all of the top listing sites (and you don’t want to). Holiday-Rentals, VacationRentalsByOwner, Holiday Lettings, Owners Direct and Home Away each make statements about performance and traffic that, in their own different words, claims to the best or biggest or most effective.

But behind this hype, who is the best? And, who gives best value, too? More importantly – how do you tell?

Using various traffic tools – together with my own standard benchmark for a typical advert – I’ve compared the top 5 for Traffic, Traffic source, and Average Traffic per Advert. Some sites rank as low as 3, some as high as 9, a 300% difference. The results will surprise you!

I’ve also created a benchmark advert and compared these sites against it for cost. They have different approaches to pricing, and it can be confusing comparing the alternatives. This benchmark cuts through their approaches and informs you exactly which site represents best value for your money.

The results are surprising.

It’s all in a free multi page report available on my website for download. You’ll learn about their absolute traffic numbers, where the bulk of it comes from, which offers the ‘best’ advert for your money, and which is most effective at getting traffic to your advert.

Traffic is King for your ad. This report helps you choose the best site for your property and audience, and goes behind the hype of these sites various claims so you can make an informed decision.…